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The Company Won the Bid of the “3 × 142 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project Phase I in Bali, Indonesia”
信息来源:管理员  发布时间:2013-07-02  阅读次数:432

Recently, Nanjing Nanzi Kelin System Engineering Co., Ltd. (Nanzi Kelin), a subsidiary of SAC, won the bid of the whole-plant auxiliary network program-controlled and auxiliary control network system project of the 3 × 142 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project Phase I in Bali, Indonesia, which was another “million project” won by Nanzi Kelin in the overseas market based on its good reputation and project quality since it won the bid of the soda sampling equipment, steel gate, trash rack and gate slot equipment of the 3 × 142 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project Phase I in Bali, Indonesia last year. The project integrates the centralized control system of auxiliary network, water network control system, ash network control system and coal conveying programmed control system, which, after being completed, will interconnect the water network, coal network, ash network, soda sampling, chemical dosing control system, heating and ventilating programmed control system and other auxiliary control systems of the whole plant of Bali power station and provide a complete set of auxiliary production system control network, and is one of the typical projects of auxiliary network solution throughout the whole plant.

The Contract fully represents the leading position of Nanzi Kelin in the auxiliary machine programmed control specialty, and will lay a solid foundation on expanding the market outside the electric power industry as well as the international market.

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